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Why we love what we do


It's in our blood. I am a very proud first generation Greek - American.  My parents immigrated to the United States after WWII, leaving behind thier war-torn country, to begin a new life and search for thier piece of the "american dream" that was sought by so many in the early 1950's. They left thier small village of Alea, in the north central peleponnese region of Greece, and settled along with their parents, brothers and sisters to raise their families together in Dayton, Ohio. I grew up and worked along side my Parents, Papou (grandpa), Theos (Uncles), Theas (Aunts) and cousins, at Wilmington Heights Market, where a strong work ethic and 'customer comes first' attitude was instilled in me from a young age.
In 1995, My wife Joanne and I took our 'first steps' and opened The SmokeHouse tobacco outlets, culminating in 3 stores serving the greater Dayton Ohio area.
Today, The Market is our neighborhood store celebrating the good life - Hand rolled cigars, great beers, spectacular wines, Greek specialty foods and much more.
George Karras
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